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Removing Inactive Accounts

For the past couple months we’ve been working hard migrating infrastructure to ec2 and updating our core feed processing pipeline.  We now have a full integration into superfeedr.  Superfeedr is like our rss backend system that turns rss/atom feeds into message however it works faster and has better feed coverage.  This will be better for all.  You will be better served with faster updates and we will no longer need to spend our resources on this backend services that has no user visibility.

Moving to superfeedr is our first step towards taking into a inexpensive subscription service.  @sdether and myself are committed to stabilizing and advancing prior to charging for the service. 

Our first step to moving to superfeedr is to remove accounts that are no longer used. 

Today we are sending out emails to thousands of inactive account letting them know in about 1 week they will be removed.  We have so many abandoned accounts that are taking valuable resources.  For instance we process about 500k IM messages a day however we only deliver about ~50k the other 450k are tossed because the IM account is not logged in.  

If you received an email and no longer need the service you don’t have to do anything.  We will delete your account in about 1 week.  

If you received an email and you would still like to use then you will simply need to start receiving notifications again via email or IM.  To update you account go here

If you need support go here

Thank you,

Jason Wieland


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